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An Integrated Service Delivery & Management platform

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Why Tivoli software

Realize the potential of your business with a holistic approach to delivering and managing infrastructure services aligned to evolving business priorities.

Addressing today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.

IBM Tivoli software solutions can help you effectively build and manage dynamic infrastructure and remain competitive in today's digitally-connected environment. The economy is challenging you to be more efficient today and to seize opportunities for tomorrow. Tivoli software offers integrated service management solutions to help you manage traditional IT assets, physical assets and emerging "smart" assets so that your organization can:

IBM Integrated Service Management provides the solutions and expertise you need to design, build and manage a dynamic infrastructure. A dynamic infrastructure enables visibility, control, and automation across all business and IT assets. It enables you to align and transform your assets into valued goods and services for your clients.

IBM connects all elements of dynamic infrastructure so that your organization can: