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Easily automate lifecycle management of user roles, identities and access rights

Tivoli Identity Manager helps automate the creation, modification, and termination of user privileges throughout the entire user lifecycle:

  • Operational role management helps bridge the gap between how business users view their IT resources and the actual IT implementation of user access rights
  • Role hierarchy helps to simplify and reduce the cost of user administration by enabling the use of an organizational role structure
  • Separation of duties can strengthen security and compliance by creating, modifying, or deleting policies that exclude users from membership to multiple roles that may present a business conflict
  • User recertification enhancements simplify the attestation process while expanding the means to manage compliance. Recertification of a user's roles, accounts, and groups in bulk fashion enables managers to make yes/no decisions on a user's access rights in a single submission
  • Group management helps simplify and reduce the cost of user administration with the ability to add, remove, or change the attributes of a group within TivoliĀ® Identity Manager
  • Comprehensive request-based provisioning for requesting and approving user access to roles, accounts or fine-grained access entitlements such as shared folders and Web portlets
  • Features a user interface tailored to specific types of users (auditors, managers, administrators, and more) and is highly customizable

Features & Benefits:


Features, Advantages and Benefits
Features: Advantages: Benefits:
Embedded provisioning engine and universal integration tools Automates the implementation of administrative requests on the environment, and provides universal connectors for extending the management model to support new and custom environments Quickly connect users to appropriate resources while reducing administration workload
Self-service interfaces Enables users to perform password resets, password synchronization, and modification to personal information without administrative intervention Helps reduce help-desk costs and ease the burden of daily administration on help-desk and IT staff
Closed loop user provisioning Detects and corrects discrepancies between approved account access and local privileges Demonstrate enforcement of internal controls to auditors and eliminate orphan or over privileged accounts
Access recertification Provides ongoing certification process on whether user access is still valid and allows for automated remediation of access Establishes formal process for validating access and facilitates critical compliance requirement
Role management Enables automated assignment of user access rights via static, hierarchical and dynamic roles Reduces cost of manual administration and enhances visibility of user access
Separation of duties Prevents user access conflicts within organizational processes Mitigates risk and enhances security by preventing user access conflicts up front
Group management Centralizes the creation, modification and deletion of groups Accelerates configuration of user administration
Auditing and reporting mechanisms Enables administrators to produce reports on who has access to what Quickly produce reports for internal audits and ensuring regulatory compliance
Provisioning policy impact simulation Simulate impact of provisioning policy on user accounts before committing changes Implement and modify provisioning policies more quickly and accurately
Centralized Web administration Centralizes the definition of users and provisioning of user services Consistent security implementation across the organization while simplifying management through a single interface
Role and rule-based delegated administration Enables grouping of users according to business needs and delegation of administrative privileges along organizational and geographical boundaries Helps reduce administration costs



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